Web Crawler

Kravla Web Crawler

In-house web crawling project started initially for crawling & fetching free stock photos around the web. After successful photo crawling, we improved it to crawl and fetch anything from any site that maintains a minimum coding standard.

Key Features (Crawler)

We worked on lots of models & objects/data for training.

Java Based

Unlike existing web crawlers, our’s isn’t PHP based. So no timeout or script execution issue.

Coding Standard

Maintain high quality of coding standard, so issues with existing crawlers doesn’t occur here.

Bypass Captcha

We have Integrated 3rd party captcha bypass system which is a common issue while crawling the web.


We also integrated multiple proxy methods, use any 3rd party service or your own proxy IP/server

Clear Reporting

Detailed reporting about what is crawled or fetched. And error reporting if there is any.

Kravla Web Crawler Used In FOTOBOSS

Beautiful high quality free images and photos you can download and use for any project.

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Key Features (Stock Photo)

We worked on lots of models & objects/data for training.

01. Unique Frontend

Unique frontend design which can be customized as per your need/business model.

02. Extensive Backend

Full CMS with extensive functionalities with 3 level of user access. This can be modified as your need.

03. Third Party Storage

We use AWS S3 for photo storage, any any S3 compatible storage can be used from any provider or use your own setup.

04. Social Integration

Social login/signup along with all social platform share is already integrated.

05. Analytics & Reporting

Detailed analytics & reporting is available (user/contributor/stock images etc.)

Future Integration

We worked on lots of models & objects/data for training.

Hosted PAYG Service

Currently we are working on to our crawling service to provide as a hosted service. Where you can use this as simple as a PAYG model.

CMS Bundle

We are working on Stock photo CMS bundle and use on theming to use it for all kinds of media.