Case Study of KICONbay

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History of KICONBAY

KICONBAY was initially created with the intention of providing high-end media content, starting in 2019. KICONBAY provides animation and kid's content. Initially, a simple media distribution setup was done. Later, requirements like storage space and bandwidth calculation arose. The client was having a hard time finding a solution with the performance of delivery too. At this point, BlessBit took control of the setup and launched an entirely new KICONBAY experience.


KICONBAY faced the following challenges before they were introduced to BlessBit.

  • The existing infrastructure was unable to provide storage and bandwidth consumption calculations per user within a given time frame.
  • The client was worried about probable issues while moving the entire system to the cloud
  • The BW pipeline was fixed, and the system was able to handle only a fixed number of users.
  • The transcoder was unable to handle the load properly.
  • The client was worried about content security, especially at-rest content.

Implemented Solutions

Storage and bandwidth calculations

TiCON utilized cloudfront and log analysis to analyze and determine almost real-time bandwidth usage per client. TiCON also used S3 for object storage and calculated storage consumption per user in real time.

Cloud Migration

TiCON performed a seamless cloud migration without any downtime for KICONBAY. For content storage, KICONBAY used S3, for delivery CloudFront, for database RDS Aurora, auto scaling and route53 for DNS.


TiCON utilized CloudFront to eliminate the issue with content delivery without any issues. This was also used for bandwidth measurement. KICONBAY was able to reduce bandwidth costs by utilizing TiCON's agreement with AWS for CLoudFront rate.


TiCON’s state-of-the-art transcoder technology was both performance optimized and cost-effective for KICONBAY. The transcoder was able to handle almost double the load at a lower cost.

Content Security

All contents are stored on S3, with a custom security configuration. AWS KMS was used to further secure all content. BlessBit uses CloudFront, S3, and integrated authentication engines to deliver all content securely.

The following architecture is being used at KICONBAY, and this is how we achieved such operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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  • RDS, S3, and CloudFront have hugely improved system efficiency and performance.
  • S3 and CloudFront allowed us to calculate storage and BW accurately for individual users, which allowed clients to customize their billing model.
  • S3 along with KMS enabled KICONBAY to highly secure contents at-rest.
  • The BlessBit transcoder enabled more productivity for KICONBAY and their clients.
  • The AWS cloud environment is proving to be hugely beneficial in terms of performance and financial outcomes for KICONBAY.


Together with the AWS cloud, the BlessBit solution has provided top-notch service for KICONBAY while reducing costs and technical overhead. This allowed for rapidcompany growth and high levels of client satisfaction for the client. KICONBAY has already see adecrease in overhead and a simpler technological environment. As a result, BlessBit is already considered a project success for KICONBAY.

TiCON is delighted to be collaborating with KICONBAY and anticipates that the amazing journey will continue in the future.