Case Study of CHVOD

This is the success story of one of our great customers. If you’re interested in our streaming solution, BlessBit, and taking advantage of our feature-rich, highly-scalable SaaS platform to improve the visibility of your business,

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History of CHVOD

Starting in 2014, CHVOD originally started with the idea of distributing premium media content. The original goal was to serve already loyal users, consuming other services (also developed by TiCON System Ltd.) with a perfect media content delivery solution. Initially other solutions were deployed, and client was facing challenges especially with delay in content delivery. At this point, BlessBit taken over the system and started a whole new experience on CHVOD for HDTELECOM.


CHVOD faced below challenges before they were introduced to BlessBit.

  • The total infrastructure was in a data center in Hong Kong, and the consumers were worldwide, causing huge latency in content delivery.
  • Due to the system not being scalable and the total BW pipeline locked at 5Gbps, the system was able to handle only a fixed number of users.
  • Reaching for a new market (country) was not viable due to fixed hardware deployment.
  • The current deployment modality was expensive for the client, who was looking for cost-effective solution, especially for the unutilized resources.
  • Contents were not delivered securely, so content theft was common.

Implemented Solutions

  • 1. CloudFront Delivery

    Considering the userbase of the client application, BlessBit delivered the contents through CloudFront. TiCON also utilized multiple AZs and regions for better performance.

  • 2. Auto Scaling

    TiCON introduced auto-scaling practices for the client in the AWS cloud, following the AWS Well-Architected framework to best utilize the resources. CloudFront was used for delivery and S3 for storage. BlessBit itself is also architected to support auto-scaling.

  • 3. Hardware Deployment

    TiCON used AWS CloudFormation to automate deployment to a new region. and used autoscaling after the initial deployment is done. RDS and Elasticache were used for a smoother and less time-consuming deployment.

  • 4. Cost-Effective

    TiCON’s CloudFront BW commitment provided significant savings for the client. TiCON also used a savings plan for the client, since CHVOD operations are able to commit long-term. The client was also provided with a sweet auto-scaling solution that helped resources scale up or down as required.

  • 5. Content Security

    TiCON uses CloudFront, S3, and BlessBit Authentication engines to deliver all content securely. Any content is delivered to the intended client only, and there is no way to intercept the content in transit or at rest.


The following architecture is being used at CHVOD and this is how we achieved such operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Architechture Image


  • The cost of using AWS CloudFront and the savings plan for media streaming was a huge money saver, allowing planning for further expansion.
  • Using RDS and ElastiCache improved system efficiency and performance.
  • Using strong security in combination with CloudFront provided a boost in terms of security and cost optimization.
  • Auto-scaling and Cloud-Formation-based deployment in different regions allowed better planning for smooth deployment in new territory.
  • CHVOD viewers enjoy a smooth experience with S3 and Cloudfront-based VOD content delivery, resulting in much better user retention.


The BlessBit solution, along with the AWS cloud, has proved to be a huge revenue booster for the client, providing a clearer path to business expansion and great customer satisfaction. The client is already realizing reduced overhead and less technical difficulty. This makes BlessBit already a success in the CHVOD project.

CHVOD, with the implementation of BlessBit, is able to deliver a top-quality service while minimizing expenses and technical overhead, combined with excellent customer support around software and applications. TiCON is thrilled to be working with CHVOD and expects to continue this great journey together.