ManagR (SaaS) is a business solution offered as a service.

Specially designed for SME's 'managR' provides complete business solution for small-medium enterprise owners.

The speciality about managR is it's simplicity.

We dug deep into the gut of challenges a business owner usually encounter managing his business and designed managR to provide simple solution for big problems.

Key Features

01. Accounting:

managR accounting module allows you to review your organization's cash flow / income / expense / revenues in one click. Business owner can also prepare monthly statements of income and expense from managR. You can also compare two different snapshots of your organizations' profitability using balance sheet.

02. HRM:

Manage your job posting and recruitment process from managR. Post a new job in managR and it will be displayed on your company's website using iframe and REST api. Video interview and pre-employment test is a bonus feature of managR (SaaS).

03. Payroll & Taxes:

Manage employee salary and taxes easily from managR with the help of our payroll system. If your organization is equipped with electronic attendance system, managR will pull your attendance data and will let you review them in one place.

04. Book keeping:

Book keeping is the simplest way to keep a journal of your daily transaction. Being part of the accounting module, it helps you log and review each and every transaction that takes place on a day to day basis.

05. Banking:

Log and review your day to day banking transaction with managR. Allows you to keep your own bank statement available to you whenever you need.

06. Product & Vendor Management:

Manage your vendors and backoffice products with managR. We plan to integrate popular vendors into managR to establish an automatic procurement process.

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