In House Product Of TiCON System Limited

We provide industry standard turnkey solution to streaming service provider. Turnkey project included our streaming Engine, CMS, and Client’s Application.

Contact us :-
Phone: +821096291477(Korea) or +8801777174791(Bangladesh)


Web Aplication, Android, iOS, Custom Player

Used Technology :

Netty, NGiNX, Docker Technology, FFmpeg, MySQL, PHP (CodeIgniter)

Product Description:

  • HLS, RTMP, RTSP, UDP with major OS based client application ( Android , iOS, Windows etc ).
  • Both adaptive and multi bitrate streams are supported with the same content but in different bitrates(high quality, medium quality low quality or more ).
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) - bitrate is adjusted automatically based on viewer's available bandwidth.
  • Maintain ‘timestamp, token with users based’ secured system.
  • Cache, Load Balancing.
  • Unique Registration & Authentication.
  • Receive smart notifications exactly at the right moments when you need them.
  • Congestion-free Contents based routing supported.
  • Request Manipulation processes of the session are allowed.
  • System built in performance Monitor.
  • System built in bandwidth management.